We are Rethinking Recruitment, and we are doing things differently.

We pride ourselves on our:

1. Technical Industry Knowledge
2. Combined Local & International Focus
3. Up Front Approach
4. Unrivalled Network
5. Strategic Source or High End Volume Services

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We know it’s not easy to build a team you can rely on; a team that will win the projects and add value in growing and competitive markets.

That’s where we come in!

We have the resources, the local knowledge, and dedicated time to learning about the markets we serve, in order to get the right fit first. Our recruitment specialists have an average of 9+ years experience and have partnered with both unique start-ups and top tier multinational companies in the Netherlands & worldwide.

We specialise in a number of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Digital 

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Creative & Advertising

  • Healthcare & Medical Devices

  • Architectural & Design

  • Financial & Payments

Our experienced recruiters are the best in their respective industries, so Denovo invests in ensuring they have everything they need to get the best talent for you, including:

  • Subscription to both local (Dutch) & International job boards and innovative sourcing tools

  • Prime Location

    • Strategically positioned in Amsterdam’s canal bett, to meet both you and your candidates

    • Regular travel on a nation-wide or international basis is a standard part of our personable service

  • Ever expanding network

    • From junior to director, we pull from a network of sales & marketing professionals, with a proven track record!

We utilise such tools to ensure that we bring you the top talent that you need, with minimal fuss and stress to yourself. 

Our recruitment specialists focus on a range of technical industries, having a strong understanding of the unique demands of your industry, so you can maximize your market share.