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65% of HR leaders say that recruiting is the hardest part of their job

It's not easy to build a team that you can rely on, that balance each other out and ensure all the needs of your growing company are met.
We are here to help you find the best candidates to fit your business and culture in the shortest time possible.

  • rekruteringservice consultants

    Reduce the risk of a bad hire.
     Add an outsider's perspective. 
    10% of employee turnover is attributed to a poor hiring decision. We'll advise you along the way, with honesty, about your next hire. ​​

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    Galvanise your recruitment.
    Time is money. 
    Today, the average time it takes to fill a given position is
    42 days according to SHRM. Our is 26 days. 

  • werving &selectie proces

    Reference the references. 
    Make sure your recruitment process is sharp.
    We will conduct several interviews; reference checking and checking skills testing if necessary for you to prevent costly mistakes. 

  • rekruteren

    Set clear expectations.
    Get a clear role, job description, and KPI.
    It's uncommon to say but fire fast if your expectations are not met. It's a win-win situation to make sure that all the parties are 100% happy. 

hiring procedure amsterdam

The Hiring Procedure

91% of vacancies are fulfilled in less than 4 weeks.

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    Connect & Search

    Discuss you open positions & search our pool & network of over 200K jobseekers for top applicants.  We either meet you in person or have a chat over the phone.

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    Select & Screen

    Carefully select hand-picked candidates and screen their skillset to ensure they're the right fit for you.

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    Meet & Greet

    We don't want to waste your time.
    Only a few high-calibre candidates will be presented to you. 

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    Hire & Enjoy

     We'll ensure a strong follow-up process. 
    88% of our clients say that communication was the main driver of their relationships with us.  

Exchange of Terms of business.
No fees required until we find a suitable candidate*

3 months min.
replacement guaranteed.*

*100% Personalised Offer

We are a boutique agency providing the most personalised recruitment service and term of business based on your needs.
Find out what's best for your business.

Industry Specialisation

Our employment specialists are experts in several industries including:

Talk  To Our Specialist

  • recruitment services matthew andrews

    Matthew Andrews, Regional Director

    With around 5 years of technical recruitment experience in both Heavy Engineering Industries and the Technology sector, Matte leads our European Division in delivering International Sales & Marketing talent to the vibrant IT Hardware, software and Digital markets, whether this is projects with a high-volume of roles, or specific requirements for cutting edge technology. 

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